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Make Meeting More Enjoyable.

Caffeinate your audience and attendees with captivating interactions to bring virtual events and meetings to life.

Run Effective Meetings

Keep people awake and less distracted so they absorb more of what was covered.

Drive Audience Engagement

Get people excited so they stick around and even return for the next virtual event.

Make Dry Topics More Digestable

Introduce fun to make meetings meaningful and memorable.


Everything you need to take your meetings to the next level.


Do more than merely chat during video calls and virtual events! Form roundtables. Play trivia. Design game shows with buzzers. Set up surveys. Create checklists. Whiteboard together. We offer a bevy of distinctive tools to make the next event you host stand apart.


Custom Video Placement

Pick the layout that best suits your needs. Position an auto scrolling carousel at the bottom. Move video bubbles anywhere on the screen. Group videos based on roles. The possibilities are endless.

Participant Roles

By pre-assigning participant roles, you’ll be able to automatically segment behavior to do things like making event “panelists” appear on stage and muting all “attendees” during the programming.

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